Medical Personnel Recruitment

    AddCorp offers complete recruitment services for employers in
    need of highly skilled medical personnel for long term positions,
    such as medical doctors with specialization in high demand.

    We recruit to all types of health institutions located in Denmark,
    Norway or Sweden. Our aim is to always bring top-class service
    and competence to both the employer and candidate.

    We specialize mainly in bringing overseas (EU zone) trained
    and qualified doctors with specialization to the Scandinavian
    countries for work in public or private health clinics and
    hospitals. Candidates are offered qualified and rewarding
    employments within their specialization and employers receive
    a quick, competent and cost efficient recruitment of a high
    performing long term doctor.

    AddCorp mediates medical personnel, already listed, controlled
    and approved as suitable by us, directly to the employer.
    Thereby the interviewing, decision and hiring process can be
    handled both quicker and more efficient. Candidates are usually
    interested in long term positions, which gives security for all
    parties. It is always our goal to mediate the best person for the
    position and who will prove to be a true asset to the medical
    facility. Thereby securing a positive outcome of the recruitment.

    We offer bespoke recruitment solutions to both our clients and
    candidates and are adapt to the ever changing demand of the
    health sectors in the Scandinavian countries. If you are
    interested in our services - please contact us by e-mail or

    AddCorp can mediate a multitude of suitable work offers in
    Scandinavia to doctors with specializations in demand. If you
    are interested to present yourself to suitable employers or
    directly apply for a suitable job - please contact us by either  
    e-mail or telephone.

    All our services to our candidates are FREE.

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